Serious childrens's sports injuries can be life changing.

Nicole  was 13 when she injured her knee the first time, playing soccer in a competitive girls league.

She was 15 when she injured the other knee – less than one minute into her first basketball game after recovering from the earlier injury – and ended her athletic career before it had ever really started.

“My whole life revolved around sports, and then it was over,” said Nicole, who is going through her second round of rehabilitation.  “I guess I’ll focus on other things now, like school. I’m trying to make the best of it.”

Children always fall. Hard or repeated falls always compromise free motion of bones and muscles. This is especially important in children, because the bones are growing and, left untreated, these compressed bones grow crooked and tight. Sports injuries can cause the restricted motion of bones and muscles.

Scoliosis can be caused from untreated falls and untreated sports injuries. Hyperextended vertebrae in the mid back result from participating in ballet and gymnastics, later giving rise to chronic back pain. Poor shoulder motion occurs in children who fall on their arms and/or very young children who do flips in gymnastics (gymnastics should not start before the age of 6 or 7 because the ligaments are not strong enough around the bones.)

Knee injuries that result from sports injuries can be treated with osteopathy. Often the fibula (small bone on the outside of the leg) is shoved upward and inward, giving rise to knee pain. If the knee has internal damage, osteopathy will not help.

Headers in soccer should never be done. Hitting the head on a soccer ball always jams up cranial bones. If done repeatedly, or with one hard blow, permanent brain damage has been documented.

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